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haru’s dream is really painful on so many levels, but the thing that hurt me most was that it is such a normal, natural, human thing. in anime we’re often introduced to characters who would do everything for the spot they love, play with injuries and strive to be the best in the world. but that’s just it, haru doesn’t want that. he feels pressured into something he doesn’t want, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to meet everyone’s expectations, it’s all too much for him. the fear paralyzes him and he doesn’t swim at his best at all. his love of water, the feelings when he swims, everything disappears under the pressure and there’s nothing else but helpless anger and fear and it really hurts to watch him like that



…. lol there is a frame dedicated to the light leaving Rin’s eyes KILL ME

the exact moment his shining goes away wow

Fucking no stop!



As an aside, I really liked how dream!Gou was pretty much a RinHaru shipper.

"My bro’s over there… Go get him, tiger!" 

okay yeah I know this is supposed to be cute and all and I’M GONNA LET IT BE THAT

But I also think it’s like super important that even in Haru’s dream—because this is Haru’s subconscious coming up with this stuff—his future, and a future being a professional swimmer…is tied up with Rin. With Rin being the one to lead the way and welcome him into that new arena.

Frick. Resolve this and get on in there soon.

Go get him, Tiger, indeed :x




It makes me sad how Rin asks Haru what does he swims for and the answer turns out to be “me and my friends”
It is good that he said that because it means that he is aware that he swims because he wants to but it doesn’t take the fact that it breaks my heart after knowing that in episode 12 season 1 we all presence Haruka shouting at Rin and telling him he is the reason Haru swims for.
Nagisa, Rei, Makoto, they know that those words are not right, at least not coming from the usual Haru
And what’s worst is how Haru leaves Rin there in the dark as he walks to his friends and between he’s deception, shame and anger, tells them that the only reason he is in the competition is for the relay only making it seem like the whole freestyle race Rin and Haru had last episode, was just worthless and insignificant


This is the dirtiest joke I have ever seen on a kids show jesus christ their faces.



I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results


This little rant described the way I look at religion perfectly.


"Learn to take a joke"

Yeah learn to make one

haru: makin my way downtown
haru: walkin fast
scout: nanase-kun?


THIS MAN RIGHT HERE. Breaks my freaking heart. Look at him. Smiling and happy because Rin won his race. He is so selfless. Not allowing Rin to even know about his NOW TWO INJURED SHOULDERS.

This breaks my heart.. because Sousuke, who always dreamed of becoming a professional swimmer probably doesn’t have a good chance of it now. He smiles being happy for Rin, because like the selfless thing to do. HE WANTS RIN TO GO PRO

That’s an amazing bond right there. They dreamed about becoming pros when they were little, and with one may not being able to now.. He still pushes Rin and makes sure he gets to where he (Rin) needs to be.

His smile is so genuine there too…


i find it quite interesting, that out of all Haru’s closest friends, Rin’s the only one who has opened eyes in this dream.
Also he doesn’t look creepy at all, i’d even say he looks amazing with this halo around him, that looks like wings. His eyes demanding, gaze intense. But he’s just too bright and Haru covers his eyes.
Does it mean that in Haru’s head Rin symbolizes future that calls him for decisions he’s too afraid and lost to make? And that’s why Rin is getting all of Haru’s pain when he breaks down, even if all that pressure wasn’t really coming from Rin in the first place.

"If you consider Haruka’s state of mind during that scene - while understanding nothing himself, don’t you think that Rin, who has his eyes set firmly on the future, might appeared to have been shining to him?"


so then why don't you want to swim with me?

episode 9 killed me